Valuation has become a common term in business today in India with mergers & acquisitions taking place one after the other. The Information Technology sector is the most volatile sector to value because of its quick global reach. At KLC & Co. we provide the following valuations:

  • Business Valuation
    Business valuation of the company is one of the indicators of growth. When we value a business we take into account the prevailing market scenarios. The valuation of a business is of prime most necessity when it comes to negotiations on mergers & acquisitions. A well established business may have deeper roots than what the financials suggest. In radical market conditions the value of each business differs at each point of time. The business valuation is not only affected by internal factors but also external factors. For eg a certain policy decision by the Government may affect the valuation of a particular business enormously.
  • Partnership Valuation
    There are more than one reason to value a Partnership firm. The reasons could be:

    • take over,
    • closure of business,
    • dissolution of partnership,
    • death of a partner,
    • introduction of a new partner
    • settlement amongst partners,
    • settlement of claims against the firm,
    • conversion of the firm into a Company. 
  • Fair Valuation for IFRS Valuation in Shareholder Disputes
    With the new Ind AS around the corner, many major Corporates have already started abiding by the IFRS / Ind AS. There are a number of places where a valuation report of an expert is required as per these accounting standards.
  • Intangible Asset Valuation
    As mentioned earlier a business has deeper roots than what the financials project because of the simple reason of Non-Economic factors that the financials do not accommodate. We have seen many businesses being taken over at valuations much above the Fair Valuations due to one of these major non-economic factor termed as Goodwill. Apart from Goodwill a company may have important Patents which require valuations or Copyrights or Designs for that matter. These factors though difficult to value but have a major impact on a Business valuation. A website valuation seems to be another important area of Intangible valuation in case of E-commerce businesses.

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