Register a Section 25 Company

Register a Section 25 Company NGO

An NGO can be formed under Section 25 of the company’s act, an association must fulfil the following requirements :

  1. For the purposes of promoting commerce, art, science, religion, charity to any other useful object
  2. With intention to apply its profits or other income for promoting its objects, and
  3. Which prohibits payment of any dividend to its members,

An NGO which satisfies these conditions is permitted to be incorporated without addition of the word “Limited” or “Private Limited”. Procedure for applying is same as applicable in the case of all companies. If the registrar is satisfied that all formalities have been complied with, he will issue a certificate of incorporation from which date the company comes into existence.

Note: An association already registered as a company, may also apply for a licence u/s 25.

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